You’re really not going to tell me what your dream was about?

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sehun’s fail fanservice ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

namjoon rejecting taehyung’s bicycle date offer

"korean fans asked why you don’t take showers with the other members…"

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leo’s long message for cha leader

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Roommate’s such a waste of a show. I don’t even understand the PDs anymore like wtf…showing previews of Bom doing this and that and not actually showing it?? Man, you just used Bom for ratings and intl popularity from the start. When she gets into trouble, you just cut her off right???  smfh


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meaning behind “you got no jams”


재미없어 = you’re no fun
재미없어 = jaemi eobseo
재미 = fun
재미 = jaemi
you got no jaemi = you got no fun
jaemi = jam-ee
jaemi = jams
you got no jams

Sungjae just won’t grant Eunkwang’s wish

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